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Delaware DUI charges carry hefty criminal and civil penalties

Getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol can result in tragedy. In order to reduce the number of accidents related to alcohol, Delaware has instituted some rather harsh policies. Driving under the influence (DUI) offenses apply to any kind of motor vehicle, even a moped. Those who end up convicted of DUI charges could find it irrevocably alters their life.

In many states, the penalties for DUI-related offenses increase with the number of convictions on a person's record. Each state sets a specific period for how long the state can look back at those previous charges when determining charges and penalties. Many states limit that period to five or ten years. In Delaware, that period is lifelong. No matter how long it's been since your last offense, it will still count against you when it comes to charges and punishments assigned.

Add these things to your parenting agreement

It's easy to believe that your child custody case will end up in court, but this doesn't have to hold true.

Did you know that you can use a parenting agreement to work out all your differences? As long as both parents are willing to work together, this is something that can make the child custody process much less stressful.

5 things to do after a car accident

On your way to work, you stop at a red light. The car behind you doesn't notice this and slams into the back of your car. Now, you have to figure out what to do.

There are some basic steps that you should complete after you are involved in a car accident. These can help ensure that you cover your bases just in case you decide to seek compensation from the driver who rear-ended your vehicle.

Busy parents can benefit from divorce mediation

The divorce process is every bit as complex and challenging as you've heard from others who've been through it. If you find your relationship moving in this direction, you have no choice but to learn more about the legal system along with your many options.

In the past, traditional litigation was the best way to move forward with the divorce process. While this is still the best decision for many couples, others have come to find that mediation is the way to go.

Things to consider before wedding bells chime

Your dream has come true: The person you've been dating and with whom you've fallen deeply in love is going to marry you! While your heart may be beating a thousand times per second, and your mind rushing forth to all the exciting preparations you will soon undertake to plan your big event, you might want to pause and consider a particular planning tool many other couples have implemented in Delaware and throughout the nation.

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