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3 uses for your cell phone after a vehicle crash

You hopefully know you should not use your cell phone while driving. As tempting as it is, it can occupy your mind, eyes and one of your hands. That makes it more likely you cause a crash or are unable to avoid one someone else causes.

Yet, a cell phone can be extremely useful if you have a crash. Here are some ways it can help:

Calling 9-1-1

Calling the emergency services is mandatory where people are injured or killed in a collision and where damage to property is above the level the state sets – typically pretty low. Failing to do so could lead to criminal charges.

Not only can this call help you get medical attention, but it can also lead to a police report, which can help your compensation claim.

Calling those close to you

Calling your family or a friend to let them know what has happened is wise. Having someone come out to fetch you, accompany you at the hospital or drive your vehicle away from the scene can provide reassurance when you are likely to be in shock.

You might also need to call others, such as your boss or your child’s school, to tell them you will be late or won’t make it.

Gathering evidence

You can use your phone to take pictures of the crash scene and damage. You can use it to note down the other driver’s details or those of witnesses. You can also use it to voice record your version of events or someone else’s. All this could help you later.

Seeking legal guidance can help protect your rights and claim financial compensation.