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Why parents in Delaware need a lawyer to modify custody orders

It can feel very satisfying to learn a new skill and successfully handle a major challenge without external support. People pride themselves on overcoming issues independently. However, there are many scenarios in which stubbornly trying to handle matters without help can put someone at a significant disadvantage.

Attempting to handle custody issues in Delaware is not a process that the average person should undertake alone. In fact, the opposite is often true. The relationship that someone has with their children is so precious that an adult likely does not want to gamble that bond by handling custody matters without support. The right help can make a big difference during initial custody proceedings.

Once the Delaware family courts approve a custody order, parents may have to go back to court to update or modify the existing order. Assistance is also crucial during the modification process if it is a contested concern. Why is legal representation so important during a contested modification request?

Custody is an emotional issue

The average parents may have a hard time remaining calm and rational as they contemplate the possibility of spending less time with their children. The intense emotions that could arise during a contested or litigated modification could lead to someone appearing unstable or dangerous in family court. Any outbursts that they have could alter what the judge thinks of them and might influence what the courts determine would be in the best interest of the children.

Small mistakes can affect the outcome

From the preparation of the right documents to the appropriate framing of one’s arguments, there are technical requirements for a successful Delaware custody modification. For example, the timing of someone’s modification request determines what type of evidence they require to convince a judge that certain custody changes are necessary. Particularly in scenarios where someone hopes to intervene to protect their children from abuse or neglect, presenting the case in a manner that shows a clear concern for the best interests of the children can have an impact on someone’s chances of success.

Attorneys familiar with Delaware state law can help people understand when they are eligible for a modification, what terms they could seek and how to prove their case in family court. Having the right help increases someone’s chances of a positive outcome when attempting to modify a Delaware custody order.