Putting The Puzzle Together For You

Dealing with nearly any legal concern means gathering all the facts, all the pieces and strategically putting them together to develop a long-term solution. It takes a lawyer with a broad range of experience, creativity and analytical skill to solve such legal puzzles.

At the law firm of John A. Macconi, Jr. LLC, you will find just such an attorney. Let Mr. Macconi put his knowledge and innovative ability to work for you.

Our Wilmington firm serves clients throughout all three Delaware counties – New Castle, Kent and Sussex. We can also represent clients in the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

"I'm proud to take a personal, hands-on approach to each and every case. You can count on me for responsive representation that truly takes your unique circumstances into account."
— Attorney John A. Macconi, Jr.

Ready To Tackle Any Challenge You Face

Ours is a full-service practice that is equipped to deal with a broad spectrum of legal problems. We can assist you with the following matters, among others:

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