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Why is driver distraction so prevalent?

For too long, campaigns against distracted driving have focused on phone use. The result has led to some improvements – laws banning hand-held phone use and vehicle manufacturers building in systems to allow you to communicate hands-free.

However, distracted driving did not begin with the first cell phone. It’s something that has existed even longer than cars. Those who drove a horse-drawn wagon likely got distracted sometimes, too. The danger is “simply” now so much more consequential than it has been traditionally because the modern world is more distracting, modern vehicles can travel much faster and there are far more of them to collide with.

Additionally, distractions extend beyond digital stimuli, which is one of the primary reasons why distracted driving is even more commonplace than most people realize.

Talking to passengers

It’s nice to chat as you drive, but it can also be distracting. Some conversations much more than others – think anything heated, or where a lot of gesturing is involved or where the driver feels the need to turn to look at the person they are speaking to.

Snacking on the move

Wagon drivers of yore likely pulled out the odd bit of jerky or tipped a canteen of water to their lips while keeping their horses straight ahead. However, they probably did not do quite so much eating on the hoof as modern drivers who often unwrap a whole meal while moving at speed.

Signs outside the window

In the old days, a piece of wood nailed to a tree with the name of the next town or nearest bar wouldn’t have been that distracting. Modern signs and billboards are far more complex and far better at grabbing and holding a driver’s attention – which does not make for safe driving.

As you can see, just because a driver was not on their phone when they crashed into you does not mean they were paying attention. With help to determine what they were focused on, you can increase the chances of getting the compensation you deserve.