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Estate Planning Errors

There are a lot of parts to estate planning in Delaware, and it is easy for you to leave something out or forget something important. Make sure that you have a checklist of everything that you need to account for when you are making your arrangements. There are lots...

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Proving a negligence case

Negligence is one of the most common torts that form the basis of a civil lawsuit. In order to prove negligence, plaintiffs generally must show that a defendant owed them a duty that was breached and that this was the actual and proximate cause of damages. Duty...

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What are the delayed effects of brain injury?

A blow to the head from an accident in Delaware may cause a traumatic brain injury. However, the effects of a brain injury do not always show up immediately. Bleeding, swelling or other symptoms secondary to the initial injury can take time to develop. Left untreated,...

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