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Why work with a criminal defense attorney for your DUI?

You were having a great night out with your friends, and you could never have imagined that you’d end up where you are now. You had a few drinks, but you didn’t think that you were too impaired to drive. Unfortunately, you went off the road and were involved in a crash. That crash caught the attention of the police, and now you face a DUI charge.

If you were driving under the influence, it’s important to have an attorney on your side. A good criminal defense attorney will work to prevent a DUI charge from turning into a DUI conviction and to reduce the penalties you face if it does.

Why choose to work with a criminal defense attorney?

The first reason is that a criminal defense attorney is skilled in defense and knows Delaware state laws and federal laws. They can talk to you about the nature of the charges that have been filed against you, so you can better understand exactly what kinds of penalties you may face if convicted.

Your attorney will also talk to you about the defenses that you could try for your case. For example, if you didn’t know your drink contained alcohol or were misled to believe it didn’t, you may be able to argue that you didn’t know you were drunk at the time you drove home.

Criminal defense attorneys work with clients to get plea bargains, too. Plea bargains require you to plead guilty, but they usually reduce the penalties you’ll face. Best of all, you won’t have to go to court and have the security of knowing the outcome of the case if you take the plea deal.

Finally, your attorney will help you understand what to expect if you do go to trial. They are likely familiar with the judge, the prosecution and others who will be involved in the case and have a good idea of how you should present yourself to be seen in the best possible light during the case. They’ll also talk to you about what to expect if you are convicted and what happens if the case is dismissed.

A good criminal defense lawyer works hard to take the guesswork out of your defense and helps you understand what to expect during your case. That way, you’ll feel more confident and be able to move forward knowing that your best interests are being protected.