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When is a 50/50 custody plan the wrong choice?

Many divorced parents in Delaware find that a 50/50 custody plan works well for them and their children. However, no plan is perfect for everybody, and parents should consider whether 50/50 is best for them by looking at some of the potential drawbacks.

Meeting children’s needs

Parents should be realistic about how effective each of them is at meeting their child’s needs. While courts generally take the view that differing levels of parenting abilities should not necessarily impact custody as long as abuse or neglect are not an issue, one parent may simply be substantially better at caregiving than the other. One parent might be less interested in childcare or less able to provide for their child emotionally. One parent might work very long hours while the other might have a more flexible schedule.


Other logistics beside parents’ work obligations are also an important consideration. For example, a 50/50 split could mean a long commute for the child to school from one residence or might make it difficult to participate in some extracurricular activities.


Parent who are struggling to come up with a plan for custody division that seems reasonable who feel guilty about the impact the divorce is having on their children may get concerned about the concept of fairness. However, they might want to keep in mind that this applies more to how they view the situation than their children, who need the situation that will suit them best.

Divorce can be difficult for both parents and children, but it is possible to mitigate some of the stress. If parents focus primarily on their children’s needs and what is in their best interest, they may be more likely to reach a solution that suits everyone.