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What to know about marriage and divorce rates

Since 2011, both the marriage and divorce rates have declined in Delaware and throughout the United States. This is according to data from the American Community Survey that was made available by the United States Census Bureau. However, since 1990, the rate of divorce has been significantly higher for those above the age of 55 compared to other age groups.

Why marriage and divorce rates are falling

There are several reasons why people are choosing to hold off on getting married or slow-walking their decision to divorce. In recent years, marriage has changed from being a lifelong commitment between two people to a partnership with no defined start and end date. Furthermore, people are holding off on getting married because they want to finish their education or accomplish other feats while they are free to do so.

The rise of gray divorce

Gray divorces are increasing because of the changing attitudes toward marriage. Those who may have felt pressured to marry or stay in loveless marriages now realize they have a say in who they spend time with. In addition, the fact that women are allowed to work, own property and save money means that they can live independently. In some cases, older folks may be able to obtain alimony or other resources from their spouses in a divorce settlement that allows them to live comfortably on their own.

A divorce settlement may be reached either through litigation or mediation, depending on the complexity of the case. A settlement may include alimony, child support payments and a portion of any community property accumulated during the course of a marriage. Other resources may be available depending on your needs after getting divorced.