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Potential obstacles in high-asset divorces

High-asset divorces present Delaware couples with challenges that may require deliberation and cooperation. The circumstances comprising a high-asset divorce make the process a balancing act between the two parties since the value of the assets calls for careful consideration.

Division of property

In a high-asset divorce, the couple may have multiple properties, businesses, investments and other significant holdings that must be divided fairly. In some cases, one spouse may have more control over the assets, making it difficult for the other spouse to receive a settlement they consider fair.

Asset valuation

The couple may have assets that are difficult to put a price tag on, such as a family business or intellectual property. Accurately determining the value of these assets can be a time-consuming and expensive process, as the help of third-party appraisers may be necessary.

Spousal support

Alimony is another significant issue in high-asset divorces. One spouse may be accustomed to a certain lifestyle due to the couple’s combined wealth, and the other spouse may be expected to pay a substantial amount in spousal support to help maintain that lifestyle. Calculating the appropriate amount of spousal support can be a conundrum, as it may involve considering the couple’s standard of living during the marriage, future earning potential and other intangibles.

Child support

The amount of child support one spouse pays may be significantly higher in this type of divorce than in a typical separation. Furthermore, as with the other spouse, the couple’s children may be accustomed to a certain standard of living, making determining post-divorce finances even more contentious and complex.

Privacy concerns

In high-asset divorces, the proceedings may involve sensitive financial information, and the couple may want to keep this information away from public scrutiny. However, in some cases, this information may become public record, damaging the couple’s reputation and business interests.

Solving the high-asset divorce equation

Although high-asset divorces may carry the same emotional tension as the average separation, the higher valuation of assets makes the stakes higher. Couples should avoid conflict and overcome issues through open and honest communication.