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Why having a will is crucial

After having worked hard your whole life to accumulate assets, it’s natural that you’ll want a say in how they’re bequeathed after your passing. A will is your assurance that the people and charities you care about will receive their proper share of your Delaware estate.

Passing away in Delaware without having a will strips away all control of your assets. The courts will decide how your estate is divided, and even who gains custody of any dependents under your care. Estate planning is the only way to make sure that your assets are properly passed according to your wishes.

The basics of creating a will

A will primarily consists of a listing of your assets and who (or what organizations) will receive them. If you have any dependents or pets, you can also specify a guardian for them.

When writing a will, you’ll also name an executor. The executor is responsible for managing the process of resolving your will, as well as paying any taxes that are owed by the testator or the estate.

How to make a will

You have several options at your disposal in creating a will. The simplest is to hand write or type up a will without any assistance. You’d then need to sign and date the will.

You can also take advantage of certain services and online will-creation tools online. These services offer assistance in navigating some of the potential pitfalls in writing a will, informing you of how to craft each part.

However, even with a service, it’s possible to omit something or make an error. This is especially true if your estate is large, or your bequests are complex and varied. If you possess a wide range of assets, it’s often wisest to speak with a professional about drawing up a will.