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Documents to gather as you prepare for your divorce process

If you are a resident of Delaware who is getting ready to meet with your divorce attorney, you should prepare by gathering documentation that shows your financial status as well as any other important aspects of your life. Preparing before the first meeting by gathering all the documents that your attorney might need might actually help you save both time and money on the process.

Establishing your financial situation

There are several types of documents that address your financial situation, including your and your spouse’s income. These will be important when you are making a plan for the divorce negotiations and when you are looking at the possibility of spousal and child support. Some of these documents include:

  • Your tax return documents for the last 3 to 5 years
  • Your and your spouse’s pay stubs over the last year
  • Documents that show business expenses if either you or your spouse are freelancers or own a business
  • Any financial statements that declare the net worth of you or your spouse
  • Any documents related to debt incurred during the marriage

Evidence of property

Other documents you should include are those that show ownership of property. These will be important during the divorce negotiations. Some of these documents include:

  • Documents related to the initial purchase of each property
  • Mortgage statements
  • Legal documents describing each property
  • Refinancing documents for mortgages that have been refinanced
  • Tax assessments of each property
  • Titles and registrations of each vehicle and any documents referring to outstanding debt owed on these

You should also include documents that show any pension or retirement plans and life insurance policies and their beneficiaries, which can all be negotiated during the divorce. Other supporting documents, for jewelry, furniture or art collections, should also be included. Organize your documents clearly and keep copies for yourself as well.