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Avoiding common mistakes during divorce proceedings

Financial matters often face a careful review during divorce proceedings. Delaware spouses may negotiate for an equitable distribution of assets during the process while attempting to address outstanding debts and other obligations. Spouses could make mistakes that hurt the ability to arrive at an agreeable financial outcome, and some errors may extend beyond financial matters.

Divorce and financial mistakes

Not surprisingly, checking, savings, retirement, and investment accounts would face examinations during divorce trials or settlement negotiations. Asset division remains an essential step towards a divorce’s finalization. Without clear details about “who owns what,” it becomes challenging to arrive at an appropriate agreement or judgment.

A common mistake people make involves not taking the time to compile and review all necessary documents. Someone wishing to rush the divorce process might make such oversights, which might undermine child support or alimony claims or lead to paying debts that should belong to the other spouse.

Still, couples might be far apart from one another regarding asset division or child custody, among other issues. Going to trial may result in a final decree neither party finds appealing. Mediation and arbitration could provide helpful solutions, but some couples may refuse these options to their detriment.

Avoiding other tactical errors during divorce

Not every spouse approaches divorce proceedings with honest intention. Some may hide assets to avoid paying the other party what might rightfully be theirs. So, a dishonest spouse could attempt to hide assets, and it would be a mistake not to remain on the alert to such behavior.

Mistakes during a divorce could prove costly, which is one reason spouses may benefit from not making them. Although few wish to drag the proceedings out, taking the necessary time to conclude things properly seems wise.