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Save time and money by preparing before filing for divorce

Divorce is never easy, but Delaware residents should know that preparing properly before filing can make the process faster and less complicated. Part of the preparation will involve researching the options available and part will involve taking inventory of the present and planning for the future.

Know your options

If you know your marriage is done and a divorce is on the horizon, one of the first things you should do is research your options. They include:

  • Uncontested divorce, which is the less costly and faster option, where the spouses file together and negotiate their own settlement together
  • Default divorce, where one partner files but the other spouse does not do anything.
  • Contested divorce, where spouses disagree on a variety of points and can be lengthy and costly, involving lawyers and court appearances

Take stock of your present

Another thing to do before filing is to make a list of all assets and liabilities, such as savings accounts, retirement accounts, property, credit cards and loans. This also includes getting copies of all the supporting documents, such as property deeds and account statements. Make sure you have the correct account numbers written down. You should have access to all your financial information both digitally and physically.

Look towards the future

Before going into settlement negotiations, you should also create a budget that anticipates your expenses as well as your income so you can go in with a realistic picture of what you will need to live after the divorce. Because even an uncontested divorce involves fees and expenses, you should also begin to save money as soon as you consider ending the marriage.

Preparation and planning can make all the difference in the way you handle your divorce settlement negotiations. As additional support, you can also consider speaking with a family law attorney to guide you during the process.