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Revisiting your estate plan amid divorce

Certain life changes warrant a second look at your Delaware estate plan, and divorce is among them. Your future may look much different once you and your one-time partner part ways, and you may have different opinions and desires for your estate now that the two of you are no longer planning your future together. 

According to Forbes, it may serve you well to revisit the following areas of your estate plan when you go through a divorce. 

Your health care directives

Did you give your spouse the power to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so in your health care directive? If so, now might be a good time to give the responsibility to someone other than your ex-spouse. 

Your will

You may also want to update your beneficiary designations in your will where possible once you go through a divorce. Did you name your former partner as executor over the will? Did you leave him or her assets that you now want to see go elsewhere? For simple changes, you may be able to modify your existing will. More extensive changes, though, may warrant revoking it and creating a new one. 

Your powers of attorney

You may have given your ex power of attorney over your financial affairs during your marriage. However, you may now want to change this so that your former partner no longer has access to your accounts or other financial affairs,. This may prove particularly important if your split was a contentious one. To do so, you must revoke the original power of attorney and create a new one.