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Understand if mediation is the right option

Once they decide to get a divorce, many couples may think that mediation is the right way to come to an agreement. Before people start this process, they should understand both the advantages and the downsides of the mediation process.

There are many reasons why mediation can be a good solution for divorcing couples. According to Divorce Magazine, mediation can help people come to an agreement sooner. Spouses may identify a good arrangement in a few months, while litigation may take almost a year. Because of this shorter timeline, mediation can also help people save money.

Reasons to consider mediation

Mediation can help people find an arrangement that reflects their circumstances. People can tailor their custody arrangement so it fits their family’s schedule and the needs of their children. Additionally, people might identify a way to divide their assets that seems fair to both of them. Because they can discuss every aspect of their divorce settlement, mediation can give couples more control over the divorce process. If people can find a solution together, they may be able to prevent disputes in the future. The divorce process might also be more peaceful for people and their families.

Reasons to forego mediation

While many people may want to negotiate a divorce settlement, this solution might not be the right option for every couple. According to MoneyCrashers, people may need to seek other solutions if they have a contentious divorce. Mediation usually works best when both spouses agree to work together. If people cannot communicate or are unwilling to commit themselves to the process, a mediator may not be able to help. Additionally, mediation may not be a good solution if one spouse experienced abuse in the marriage.