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Should you see a doctor for a concussion?

When Delaware residents like you end up with a concussion, what do you do? You may not think it is serious enough for medical treatment. In reality, only a doctor can successfully diagnose the severity of a concussion. Only trained medical personnel can decide how to treat your head injury.

Because of that, you want to treat any head injury seriously. Regardless of your concussive symptoms, you will want to see a doctor.

Concussive symptoms and severity

Mayo Clinic discusses concussion severity in depth. The more severe your concussion is, the faster you need to get to a doctor. A common misconception around concussions is that they are not “serious” head injuries. This might stem from the fact that mild concussions are easier to heal from. It may also stem from the fact that concussions are a common head injury. This makes it seem less rare and scary.

But severe concussions can cause permanent health complications. In some cases, a concussion can even kill you. You may not always get a good sense of how serious your concussion is right off the bat, either. But some general tips remain the same across the board. For one, the longer you are unconscious, the more severe the injury likely is. Two, greater pain usually equals greater injury. Three, severe concussions often involve your other senses. For example, you may have disordered taste or ringing in your ears.

Brain injuries risk permanent damage

Concussions are still a type of brain injury. You may experience swelling, bruising and more. If your brain swells too much, it may suffer from oxygen deprivation. This leads to permanent brain damage. To avoid this, see a doctor. Get an official diagnosis. Listen to their plan and stick with it.