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Divorce doesn’t have to be conflict-filled 

Divorce is certainly not an easy process to navigate. However, at the same time, it doesn’t need to be filled with conflict. 

The truth is that a highly contentious divorce is likely to take more time, cost more money and can potentially cause a lot of stress for those involved. By employing the following strategies, you may be able to reduce the levels of conflict in your divorce. 

Taking a pragmatic approach 

An amicable divorce doesn’t mean that spouses need to be friends. Instead, it can help to treat the divorce process as a professional negotiation. Being prepared and organized and having all of the relevant facts on the table can make for a much more efficient process. 

Find the best way to communicate  

The majority of divorcing couples need to keep up at least some form of communication. For example, some divorcing couples run a business together. Other couples may have children. 

If couples are divorcing because of constant arguments, then it may be best to limit face-to-face interactions and phone calls. Nowadays, numerous co-parenting apps can address all of the relevant needs and keep communication between spouses on point.  

Find that common ground 

Divorce is not a time to conduct a post-mortem of the relationship. Instead, spouses should focus on the future. Finding some common ground can help make the process much smoother. For example, putting effort into coming up with a workable custody schedule that prioritizes the needs of the children. 

Having sound legal guidance and information behind you can also help limit conflict during a divorce.