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5 good reasons you should get a divorce

The end of a marriage is rarely easy. Outside of the practical elements of dividing your property in Delaware and questions about custody or visitation is the emotional impact on everyone involved.

Few people decide to divorce overnight. It’s more common to remain in an untenable situation much longer than you should.

Often, something happens that amounts to the last straw.

5 situations where divorce is the best course of action

Some marriages can be saved by seeing a marriage counselor. However, it takes strength and commitment from both parties to head off the inevitability of divorce.

The first line that should never be crossed in a marriage is physical abuse. When this form of abuse occurs, there is a very strong chance of it happening in the future.

A very close second, and often more destructive, is emotional abuse. The long-term effects of constant gaslighting, threats and other forms of mental anguish can take years to overcome and affect every area of your life.

In cases where one or both spouses are engaged in substance abuse, it could be grounds for at the very least a legal separation while the parties get help. Substance use disorders are very serious, life-long problems that can contribute to emotional and physical abuse. It also leads to neglect and legal or financial problems in many cases.

That’s not a very stable environment for sharing a life or raising children.

Rounding out the list is an incapacity to love or emotional/physical abandonment.

In the first case, the person could simply be a narcissist who’s incapable of loving anyone. It could also be an example of a couple who got married to due a sense of obligation or remain married for cultural or religious reasons.

Neither scenario forms the healthy basis for a long-term partnership.

As for emotional or physical abandonment, that could relate to someone who places all of the responsibility for child-rearing – and all that entails – on one partner and contributing nothing. It could also relate to someone who’s physically absent from the home and day-to-day life of the family unit without a good reason, such as military service or out-of-town employment.

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve made a mistake. It’s never a good idea to remain in a bad situation.