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Prepare for your divorce with a few questions

The divorce process in Delaware can sometimes be overwhelming. An attorney can help navigate your way through the paperwork that needs to be filed and the other details that should be considered so that you obtain anything from a fair settlement to a fair custody arrangement if you have children. Here are a few questions to ask before you hire an attorney.


When you talk to a family law attorney who handles divorces, you should ask if they specialize in this field or if it’s just a portion of the cases that they handle. You want to hire someone who understands divorce laws and who is compassionate about the cases they handle so that you get the results that you deserve.


One of the things to talk about is the strategy for your divorce. There should be a plan of action that’s put in place once you give the attorney all of the information that you have. The firm you hire should be able to put together questions to ask the other party and should know how to approach the other party if there are discrepancies. You also need to find out how long the average case takes to complete so that you can plan for expenses and changing schedules in your life.


Talk to the attorney about the negotiation process. Some might require or request mediation while others want you to avoid talking to your spouse until the divorce is complete.

As you begin divorce proceedings, there are likely a few questions that you’ll have along the way. If you plan to hire a professional, then some of those questions should be directed toward them before you make a final decision.