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Tips for an ideal divorce

Though not always a possibility, an ideal divorce for some Delaware couples can become a reality. Keeping the focus on an amicable process and on protecting the children can help you and your spouse find a path to one.

Collaborate with your spouse throughout the process

Working together for the good of the whole family can help you ease the tension that divorce brings, speed up the process and show your kids that you are committed as parents, even if you cannot be together as a couple. There are many ways you can collaborate with your spouse during the process including:

  • Choosing mediation over litigation
  • Negotiating a parenting agreement that works well for everyone
  • Reaching a property division settlement that is not focused on winning but on what each of you needs post-divorce
  • Finding ways to communicate effectively and peacefully, whether through apps, emails or other technology

Find a strong supporting team

Support is key during an ideal divorce process and it can be found in many ways. Gathering a support team even before the process starts is important. Some of the members of this team can include:

  • Friends and family members who are willing to let you speak freely and have your best interests in mind
  • A lawyer to guide and represent you
  • Financial professionals to assist you with the division of property
  • A mental health professional, such as a therapist or psychologist, who can offer emotional support

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are clear about how much you love your children and how you want to protect them from the divorce process, you will always keep the focus on their best interests. Having an ideal divorce is a real possibility. Be ready to put aside some of your differences while keeping your focus on what is important.