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Social media mistakes to avoid in divorce

For many people, Facebook and Instagram posts, tweets and other online activities are a fundamental part of social interaction. But there are times when oversharing or even sharing at all can be a big mistake. Divorce is one of these times. Some of the biggest online mistakes you can make during a divorce include:

  • Letting your wild side show: There’s nothing wrong with partying or drinking once in a while, but online accounts of these activities can paint the wrong picture in a custody dispute. Opposing counsel may seize upon photos, status updates, check-ins and other online data points to paint a picture of you as a careless or even unfit parent.
  • Divulging financial information: Nobody is going to post their bank account balance on Facebook, but many do post information that hints at their financial situation. A photo of that trip to Italy or new speedboat may seem innocent enough, but the opposing party in your divorce may use this information to claim you are hiding assets or income.
  • Letting too many people see what you post: At the earliest sign of divorce, it might be wise to revisit your privacy settings. You and your spouse likely have friends and contacts in common. It’s only natural for these acquaintances to “choose sides” during divorce. You never know who is looking at your social media updates and what their intentions are. Share only with people you trust to have your best interests in mind.

It can be difficult to know how to handle the challenges of divorce, especially in the complex age of social media. A good rule of thumb to follow is: When you’re not sure whether to post something or not, don’t do it! By treading carefully and enlisting the help of an experienced legal ally, you can navigate these challenges and move on to a better tomorrow.