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Connection between drowsy driving and school opening times

Although drowsy driving is a contributing factor in hundreds of Delaware accidents, it’s preventable. Many accidents that happen in the morning are a result of drowsy parents or students driving to school. Fatigue is the main issue, and it can result from a late shift at a job, long hours spent on homework or late nights due to socializing or extracurricular activities. A broad solution to this problem requires changes in societal norms.

Drowsy driving and school opening time

According to research, students who have early classes cause more accidents than students who have classes later in the day. The main reason for this is lack of sleep. Teenagers require up to nine hours of sleep at night. When sleep is insufficient, the student suffers from reduced alertness. In the United States, most teenagers sleep for less than eight hours. Schools that require students to report early are partly to blame for these accidents. For the students to have enough sleep, these schools must adjust their reporting time.

In case of an accident while driving to school, you may be legally liable for any damages caused. It would be wise to consult with lawyer regarding this.

Managing drowsy driving

Drowsiness can be partially managed with some short-term solutions. Coffee and energy drinks alone aren’t enough to overcome fatigue, but they will make you feel alert for a short period. It takes caffeine about 45 minutes to be absorbed by the body.

Nothing, however, is a replacement for a good night’s rest. Sleeping for the required duration will reduce fatigue, ultimately eliminating drowsiness. Therefore, enough rest is essential before driving for either long or short distances.

Staying awake at the wheel will save lives. Along with society and the schools, every driver should work toward this end. Be sure to do your part.