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Challenges of divorcing a narcissist

Divorce can be a challenge for any family, but the obstacles that come with divorcing a narcissist can make the process even more difficult. Narcissists have an altered sense of reality that they live in and pass on to those who are closest to them. If you are ending a marriage with a narcissist, you may find that it is virtually impossible to get them to agree to the terms of the divorce. Unfortunately, the narcissist will also have this effect on their children, which can lead to child custody issues. If you are a Delaware resident and facing a divorce from a narcissist, these tips could be helpful.

Narcissists and reality

Even after you’ve made the decision to divorce, a narcissist may still lead you to believe that there is no way you could be happy without them. They may also try to turn your children against you. This can prolong the divorce proceedings, since the narcissist may try to convince the judge that you are an unfit parent and they are the only ones who can properly care for the children.

Emotional manipulation

The only thing on a narcissist’s mind is winning. If they have tried to manipulate you in your marriage, they may start trying to threaten to make your life miserable because you will no longer give them control. Or, they may try to make you feel guilty about making the choice to prioritize your sanity and the well-being of your children over the marriage. This may make a quick resolution to your divorce proceedings nearly impossible, which means that issues like child custody, alimony, and child support may take years to settle.