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Beginning the process with a divorce attorney

The decision to end your marriage probably isn’t one you’ve made lightly. Once the process begins, you’ll usually have property and finances to divide, and you might need to work on a custody arrangement if you have children. When you meet with a Delaware divorce attorney for the first time, there are a few things that you can expect to occur and some ways that you can prepare for the visit.


When meeting with an attorney for the first time, anticipate answering quite a few questions about your marriage and why you want a divorce. The attorney won’t know how to proceed with dividing property or handling other issues unless you communicate all of the details openly. Take notes about what the attorney says so that you can make a decision as to whether you want to hire this person to represent you. Before you arrive at the office, you should have also prepared a list of questions you’d like to ask the attorney, such as how much the process will cost you and how you’ll interact with your former spouse.


You’ll usually set a few goals with the divorce attorney so that you have a better idea as to what to expect during the proceedings. These might include how often you’ll see your children, how much child support you’ll have to pay or who will keep the house once the divorce is final. You can also discuss any hopes you have for mediation so that the process doesn’t become disorganized and unpleasant.

If you’re unsure how to handle your divorce, an attorney can show you how to file all the documents in court. An attorney can also work with you to make property division fair and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.