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The value of a good support system after a car accident

Car accidents can cause victims a lot of angst in the weeks and even months following their experience. For many people in Delaware, involvement in a crash can lead to ongoing emotional distress.

Working toward a full recovery is much more effective when people have an adequate support system. Surrounded by people who care about them and are able to encourage healing can optimize every effort to overcome emotional trauma.

Risks factors for PTSD

Everyone will react to a car accident differently, especially depending on the circumstances of the accident and the outcome of the people involved. According to Family Doctor, certain risk factors can increase a person’s likelihood of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. These include the following:

  • Underlying mental illness
  • Prior trauma
  • Extent of injuries
  • Lack of support

Types of support

Because adequate support is such a crucial part of recovery, people would benefit from knowing their options. Support can come in the form of family and friends providing a listening ear, assistance with daily tasks, childcare and help with transportation. Depending on the circumstances, people will need help as they organize their affairs and deal with the legalities following their accident. Having family and friends to turn to during this difficult time can provide critical support and comfort.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America also suggests the use of mental health professionals. This resource can encourage people to identify healthy ways of managing triggers. They can also learn about coping mechanisms to manage the sudden and unanticipated emotions that may follow a car accident. People may choose to continue therapy long after their car accident to provide ongoing support.