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4 things that can make it easier to move on after divorce

Going through a divorce can be time-consuming and stressful. When it’s over, people often just want to move forward and focus on the next chapter. 

To make this adjustment a little easier, having certain things in place can be critical. 

    1. A fair settlement – Your settlement has a dramatic impact on life after divorce. Thus, you can work with your attorney to ensure you have the agreement you deserve. The agreement will address divorce-related matters, including spousal support, child support and division of assets. Parties should have a clear understanding of things like health insurance, debt repayment obligations and child custody.
    2. A solid parenting plan or custody order – Your parenting plan will play a critical role in life after divorce. It sets your custody and visitation schedule, and it can provide guidance on what to do if there is parental conflict. It can help you plan ahead in terms of holidays and provide reassurance for your child’s well-being. This order also establishes the rules of custody and your rights as a parent.
    3. Emotional support – Your support system can change after divorce. You may not have relationships with former in-laws or mutual friends you once shared with your spouse, which can be upsetting. However, leaning on your individual support network is crucial. Focus on building (or reinforcing) relationships with your family, the friends you had before your marriage and the people you meet after your divorce. It can also be wise to work with a counselor or therapist to help you through this transition.
    4. A plan to avoid toxic people and environments – People might act out or make regrettable decisions after divorce. However, steering clear of unhealthy situations and people can allow you to make clear-headed decisions that protect your best interests. Thus, you might avoid using drugs or alcohol to cope and sever ties with anyone who makes you feel guilty or ashamed of your divorce. 

Moving forward after a divorce can take time. However, if you have these components in place, you can be well-positioned to move forward positively.