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What do you know about living with your ex during divorce?

Be it for finances, your children or because you still get along with your soon-to-be-ex, you live with your current spouse while the two of you complete your divorce. No matter if your split is amicable, remaining in your marital home with the person you want to divorce can be a challenge.

To emerge from the other side of this experience with dignity and your sanity, learn a few survival tips. The right insight can make the process easier and your shared lives better.

Decide how to handle finances

Do you and your current spouse plan to keep the same financial plan and budget? You may need to adjust who pays specific bills and what financial obligations you want to share or leave for one person to cover. No matter what the two of you decide, neither of you should make major financial decisions without consulting the other. What seems like an isolated financial decision could affect you both and your divorce in ways you did not anticipate.

Remain respectful

Try to remain cordial and respectful of your soon-to-be-ex, especially if animosity exists between the two of you. View your divorce and your living arrangement as a business interaction, where you communicate with your current spouse like you would a business colleague. With every interaction between the two of you, stick to the facts and try to set your emotions aside.

Take care of yourself

Now is the time to be a bit selfish and focus on yourself and your general well-being. Practice self-care to keep your spirits up, eliminate stress and reconnect with yourself.

Focus on the advantages of living with your ex during your marital split. Your future self is sure to thank you for your perseverance.