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Do you have a whiplash injury?

Delaware residents who get involved in car crashes may have to deal with injury in the aftermath. Some of these injuries are more common than others. But this does not mean you should treat it in a light way. 

Whiplash injuries fall into this category. Though you may think these injuries are no big deal, they are. They can have a severe repercussion on your health. 

What causes whiplash? 

Mayo Clinic takes a look at symptoms of whiplash. First, whiplash occurs when you hit a sudden stop when previously in motion. It happens most often during car crashes. But there are other times when it may occur. In a car crash, whiplash can happen fast. They often come from rear-end collisions. 

You may experience a range of symptoms if affected by whiplash. The most common involve muscle and nerve sprains. Damage to the nerves may end up particularly noticeable. You may experience tingling or numbness in the arms, neck, shoulders or upper back. You may also experience pain. This manifests as muscle aches. It can also manifest in headaches, which often appear due to the muscle strain. 

Cases of severe whiplash 

In extreme cases, you may tear your muscles or the nerves. In some of these cases, you may need surgery. Whiplash injuries are rarely that serious. But the possibility is still there. Also, the symptoms of whiplash do not necessarily show themselves right away. Not only that, but symptoms worsen over time. You may get out of a crash thinking you were not injured. But within days, you find that you actually are. Because of this, you should seek medical attention after any accident.