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How do brain injuries impact your emotions?

Residents of Delaware often suffer brain injuries in the wake of a crash. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most common of the severe effects. These brain injuries have major impacts on every aspect of a victim’s life.

Today we will look at the way TBIs affect a person’s personality and emotions. Professionals sometimes neglect this field of study to focus on physical affects. But no one should ignore the impact to emotions or mental state.

Damages to one’s self-regulation

Mayo Clinic looks into the effects of traumatic brain injuries. These injuries affect people in different ways. The severity of the injury and the location change how a person suffers. For example, the frontal lobe oversees your ability to regulate yourself. So what happens to victims with damaged frontal lobes? In many, they show a lack of self-control. They struggle to self-regulate.

This leads to victims lashing out or acting on impulse. Loved ones often find these surprise actions disturbing and out of character. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing about their loved one that may change.

Emotional response regulation

Victims also experience trouble regulating emotional response. Many suffer from increased agitation or irritability. Their temper seems to worsen. Even if it was hard to rile them up in the past, they seem quick to react with anger in the present.

Victims also suffer from anxiety and depression, often in increased levels. This makes coping with agitation even harder for them. When combined with a lack of self-control, victims fall out of touch with their own sense of self. This is scary not only for the loved ones, but for the victims as well.