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Delayed pain injuries may be deadly without proper treatment

When our bodies suffer injuries, we often suffer more harm than we realize in the moment. Delayed pain injuries, which do not cause pain or discomfort immediately, often give victims a false sense of safety after an accident, and, in some cases, this can turn deadly.

This kind of injury is particularly common after car accidents and other high-impact experiences, such as a slip-and-fall accident. If you recently experienced a car accident or something similar, it is wise to see your doctor as soon as possible. A full medical examination can help you pinpoint injuries before they get worse and potentially cause lasting pain or damage.

Internal bleeding injuries

When a person suffers internal bleeding, they may not feel pain for hours or even days. Unfortunately, the injury is still potentially quite serious. Like external bleeding, if the victim loses enough blood quickly, their organs cannot function. They may lose consciousness and die quickly, before they ever feel pain to indicate something is wrong.

On the other hand, if a victim suffers internal bleeding that is not heavy, the blood loss may not be the most threatening part of the injury. Small internal injuries often foster infections that grow and then spread throughout the bloodstream to other parts of the body. For instance, an infection around an internal injury in the abdomen can easily spread to the brain, killing the victim.

Organ damage and failure

If a victim suffers organ damage in an accident, they may not feel any pain until the organ fails, which is a fatal condition if they don’t receive prompt treatment. The body may be able to heal the organ, and generally does not produce pain if the damage is minor. Unfortunately, if the body cannot resolve the issue, it will shut the organ down. Once one organ shuts down, the rest tend to follow.

Once organs fail, the victim will experience extreme pain, and even excellent medical intervention may not be able to save their life. Sadly, death by organ failure is painful, and does not happen quickly.

Protect yourself immediately

After any kind of car accident or impact injury, do not put off a full medical examination. By seeking proper medical care, you can address your injuries before they worsen. With a strong legal strategy, you can focus on your recovery without sacrificing your legal rights and priorities.