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What professions have the highest divorce rates?

Every divorce is unique, and every marriage has its own challenges and struggles. Many factors typically combine when a couple decides to split up. To boil it all down to one reason perhaps does a disservice to this process.

That said, looking at trends can still show you the pitfalls of specific lifestyles and the impact they may have on your marriage.

Maybe you think your spouse spends too much time at the office and not enough time with the family. Maybe you have to travel constantly, so you do not see one another as much as you should. Perhaps your profession forces you to make financial sacrifices that then impact your spouse. No matter how it happens, your job can impact your marriage and the odds of divorce.

With that in mind, here are a few professions with soaring divorce rates:

Celebrities, such as pro athletes, performers and entertainers

Time away from home really takes a toll. Singers and bands tour for months, for example, while athletes train constantly and travel all over the country. Couples may make this work for a while, but years and years of separation pull them apart.

Health aides and nurses

The medical profession brings with it an incredible amount of stress. It also pushes people into long hours. Even when they live together more than celebrities, couples may feel like they hardly see one another.

Assembly line workers

Experts mull a few reasons why these workers have a high divorce rate, questioning the toll that repetitious work can take on a person’s attitude. They also point out that many people working on assembly lines have a lower level of education and get lower pay. These factors also connect to high divorce rates, so it may not be the specific profession that causes the split.

Bartenders and bar workers

Again, theories vary, with some suggesting that excessive drinking and spending so much time in that setting can lead to extramarital affairs. Equally detrimental, though, is the fact that bartenders work late into the night. When a spouse works a standard 9-5 job and a bartender works evenings and nights, the two may rarely cross paths, even at home.

Factory workers

Factory workers face many of the same challenges as assembly line workers. Low pay may play a huge role, especially when there is little chance of advancement. When times get tough financially, it can leave people looking for a way to change their circumstances.

Your rights

Of course, you have plenty of happily married celebrities and factory workers, and many people with advanced degrees and stable jobs still decide to end their marriages. No matter why you and your spouse split up, make sure you know your legal rights.